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5 erősítő gyakorlat, amit akár a munkahelyeden is végezhetsz

Sajtóközlemény   •   dec. 04, 2017 13:46 CET

A népszerű blogger, Oatmealqueen tapasztalatai szerint december elején fogadják meg a legtöbben, hogy elkezdenek aktívan sportolni, hogy a következő nyárra már tökéletes formába lendüljenek. A Zabkásakirálynőként ismert Gökler Kriszta 5 gyakorlatot mutat most azoknak, akik a munkahelyükön is szeretnék magukat megmozgatni, a tökéletes koncentrációs környezet megteremtésében pedig a Sony legújabb zajszűrős vezeték nélküli fülhallgatói segítenek.

Gökler Kriszti is a healthy lifestyle and sport figure, who presented his enviable figure last time at the IFBB Hungarian Championship. The blogger's work experience can make a truly changeable change in gray everyday life. Healthy lifestyle and sport, of course, are not only important for bikini, but also a key factor in overcoming stress, in which the right music can help a lot. With Sony's Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones, we can exclude our environment while our favorite songs are in high quality.

Here are some of the exercises you can do for your health every day at our workplace:

Kneeling in the chair

You do not have to stand up in your chair to move your belly slightly and be nice tight and toned.

Sit at the back of the chair with straight backs, lowered shoulders, and grab the two sides of the chair beside your butt. The upper body remains attached. Take a big breath and use your abdominal muscles to lift up both of your legs while you are blowing, so that your knees are approaching your chest. Here, stretch it to your waist for a few seconds, then let your feet back to the starting position and repeat the exercise at least 15 times.

Triceps exercise chair

This practice is perfect for many of us wavering wounds, as it works primarily on the three-headed charisma.

Sit on the front of your chair with your hands in front, and place your feet at a distance so that your leg is right at right angles to the ground. We take a deep breath and let our hips underneath the lower back of the chair. Push our elbows back until our upper arm is roughly parallel to the ground, here we feel the tension, and then pushing the air back to the starting point. Repeat at least 12 times.

Bulgarian outbreak

This exercise mainly works on combisms and pharisms, so whoever wants to have a round bottom and shapely legs, do not miss out on the sun!

Let's stand in front of the chair for approx. 1 meter. Let's push one of our feet, put it in the chair, and try to find a balance. With straight backs, forward looking, we begin to bend our forward feet until the knees on the back are just not rubbing the ground. Our forward leg is in a good position when falling down our knees does not go to our feet. Let's breathe downwards, blow up the air. At least 15 reps per day.

Fit-ball labda

Fit-ball is a very useful fitness device that can be easily integrated into the office everyday. Even if we do not do targeted exercises on a regular basis, we can still do a lot to strengthen genital muscles even if we use it only at the desk for seating. Since it is a rather unstable surface we are already working on the abdominal and back muscles to sit on it, but of course it is very important to do it with straight backs and lowered shoulders.

climbing stairs

We are not even looking for an office building where there would not be a few stairs that could guarantee a part of our daily needs. It is a good idea to have a couple of minutes to pause and step on a few floors every 1-2 hours because it not only tightens our muscles and increases our stamina, but it also responds to our spiritual freshness. He often wakes up more than a glass of coffee!

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