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Hazai rockerekkel és profi fotóssal dolgozik a Sony

Sajtóközlemény   •   máj. 31, 2016 12:29 CEST

Budapest, May 31, 2016 - Sony started two new domestic collaborations. On April 1, Gábor Erdélyi photographer joined the well-known camp for Sony Imaging Ambassador - Europe Program participants, while on the music line, the company first collaborates with Hungary's legendary rock band, Tankcsapda. On this occasion, Sony combines audio and visual art combining rockers and photo shooters.

Unique lyrics and unmistakable sound - for Tankcsapda are fond of all over Hungary, with thousands of songs full of talented concerts. But what would it take to bring home this mood and the banging chest in the chest? Sony, together with the band, brings the true pleasure of a concert to the fans' home, as the High Power Audio package featuring the 26 + 3 exclusive Trickster number arrives in the days of the home store shelves. The songs will be put on the box with a unique Sony pendrive.

"The Trickster has always been open to try and use novelties. We like to take advantage of the state of the art technology, as it also helps to keep close to daily fans with your fans. Cooperation with Sony Europe Limited will help the band with tools that are well suited to the "rock 'n' roll form", whether it be everyday or on a tour. The brand family members are helping not only during our work, but also in relaxation. After all these years, it is important to keep the trap fresh and current, and this is why the stable partner background is indispensable. Tricky and Sony are two patina names, so we can really trust the success of a joint effort, " said the band.

"Sony is committed to art, talent, and of course music. For the first time this year, we work together with a music partner, so we thought the Tinker Toss, one of the most definitive ensembles in our country, is the most appropriate choice, as they have more generations of music with their rock music and iconic lyrics. We are confident that the music of Tankcsapda will bring the sound of the Sony High Power Audio to the home of all fans, " said Sándor Rab, director of Sony Hungary.

Whether it's music-synchronized light show, pulsating subwoofers, or compact design, the GTK-XB7, MHC-GT4D, SHAKE-X3D, MHC-V7D and MHC-GT5D audio systems in High Power Audio packs meet all your needs even when you're filling the room the guests or when we just want a little relaxation alone.

Along with the music line, Sony also places great emphasis on digital imaging this year. On the 1st of April, Gábor Erdélyi represents the brand, who has won the Hungarian Press Photo Prize in Portrait category several times at several prestigious international awards. Travel is a fundamental part of the photographer's life as an artist always seeks new visual adventures and challenges. Currently, he lives in two-tier life between Budapest and Barcelona, but has traveled several times to Asia, Europe and America, as well as discovering and documenting the wonders of the world. The decisive elements of the Transylvanian picture world are the graphic lines, portrait photography, and the relationship between people and the built environment.

Gábor Erdélyi commented on his latest camera: " With my Sony A7RII, my photography bag is lighter, my image size and quality is better. I love to walk through the streets with a palm-sized car, while making huge 42-second images without notice. Thus, portrait photographs will be more spectacular, more effective, as all facial expressions are crystal clear - a good example of this is a series of Tricky Rockers. "

On the occasion of the appointment, the company brought together the band and photographer ambassador within a framework of photography. The picture material on the Tankcsapda was produced by Gábor Erdélyi (Sony Imaging Ambassador - Europe) with the ILCE-7RM2K camera and the SEL85F14GM lens.

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