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Masters vb a Mesterek szemével

Sajtóközlemény   •   aug. 21, 2017 13:06 CEST

Nostalgic mood was cited by the Masters vb at the Millennium Olympic champions who beat Russia's S.Petersburg 16-3 with a superior victory. Kiss Gergő enjoyed all the moments of the game, and the athlete does not rule out that the team will soon be reunited. Their last match was captured with unique moods by the Sony Imaging Ambassador - Europe Program participant, Gábor Erdélyi.

The masterphotos of Master vb were made by renowned portrait photographer Gábor Erdélyi who, as a member of the Sony Imaging Ambassador - Europe Program, was able to experience the challenges of sport photography in a truly special place.

"I could take pictures from the shore of the pool right away and it was my goal to capture personal moments that are not noticeable to others. It was a fascinating, fascinating experience for the Hungarian team, I often did not know how to look at the camera through the camera search, concentrate on photography, or unplug the machine and watch the game, " said the photographer who has always been he thinks sport photography is a special branch of photography, which requires special skills and eyes.

"You need to know the sport, the rules, the rhythm and prepare for each action. I'm not prepared enough for this yet, but I really like sports photography. I have already signed up for two new competitions to test the A9 again, " concluded Transylvania.

According to Gergely Kiss, the familiar environment helps the participants a lot, as athletes spent thousands of hours on the spot. In their case, the preparation time was much shorter and most of them jumped for the first time in the pool after a long pause, but they felt that they could quickly tune in to each other.

"Since the London Olympics we have been playing together in a few games, and the majority played together for 20-25 years, so we know each other well enough," said Gergő, who said he could give a lot of strength to a Hungarian crowd.

"The first training session was a joy of rejoicing and a training match, and the decisive one was to serve the full house and the love that came to us. Fortunately, the entire event was aroused and we enjoyed every moment with the audience, " said the water polo player who also said that the dressing room had a good mood in the pre-finals.

"We laughed a lot, we talked a few thoughts about the opponent, but only a few minutes, and the victory was quite restrained with a dinner, nearly sixty, because everyone brought his family," Gergő recalled.

The members of the Millenium team are all busy people, but they regularly meet each other, so Gergő does not rule out the fact that after the Masters vb, fans will be re-seen.

"The team is always happy to spend time together, but we have to discuss this together. Ideas are of course, but it's too early to talk about it, " added Kiss.

Gábor Erdélyi made the pictures with his Sony A9 camera and four Sony lenses.

FE 2.8 24-70 GM, FE 2.8 100 GM, SEL 10-18mm f / 4 FE 2.8 70-200 GM.

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